New album – Is Confused – available everywheres

Good day. Good as in “you can now buy my new album Is Confused everywhere on the internet now” day. This is a venture into some more serious musical territory. It’s chock-full of singing with only a few robots and lots of alternative-y goodness. (I don’t know what alternative-y means either, don’t worry). Plus a couple of the songs are super-long. It’s my favorite music I’ve ever recorded. And probably the most “Juicy Melon” to date. HAVE A LISTEN ALREADY.

It’s available pretty much anywhere you can think of (except Pandora) but these are the best most popular purchase links!

I Like You a Lot now available everywheres

My new EP “I Like You a Lot” is now available pretty much everywhere you can find digital musics on the interwebs.

For example, here it is on iTunes

Also, on Amazon!

What’s that? Google Play? Here -> GOOGLE PLAY!!!

And you can always get my stuff on Bandcamp

I’d keep listing more, but I can’t remember them all. Just go crazy. And by “go crazy”, I mean purchase some of my music.

I Like You a Lot on Bandcamp Now!

For a short time, “I Like You a Lot” available exclusively via my Bandcamp page for only $4!
Featuring five new fun songs for everyone who enjoys listening to music (you can even hear them just over to the side of the page).
“I Like You a Lot”, “What Friends Do”, “Nothing”, “High Five”, and “Goodbye for Now”

Go to Bandcamp now and to listen and to buy it!